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marriage proposal is one of the most beautiful things in life to witness. It is giving a promise between the loved ones, it is when one person asks for the hand in marriage. Most people want their proposal to be memorable and hopefully one in a lifetime experience, that is why it is important that your sweetheart feels special when you propose. There are many ways to propose, you can do it in public, by your friends and family or share the intimate moment only with your loved one. If you are looking for inspiration and great ideas to propose, scroll down and luckily you will find what you need. Good luck, comment what you think.

1. The First-Date-Place Proposal

young man proposing with an engagement ring to his girlfriend


It is cliche until the moment you get the memories of the first date, for each individual is a special experience proposing in the place they had their first date. Say something like” I am with you on this journey so far, i want to be with you until the end”.

2. Christmas Idea Proposal

christmas proposal


Proposing on Christmas eve can be a special and beautiful time to propose. Wrap the ring box inside bigger boxes, and watch as your beloved one gets excited every time she unwraps the box and finds a smaller box inside, the laughter will grow. As your sweetheart opens the last box get down on your knees, and say the words.

3. Sensual Massage

engagement rings


Massage your beloved one and leave the left arm last. When you get to the left arm slip the ring on the finger and ask the magical question. This is a great way to propose if you are sure the answer to the question will be positive.

4. Unexpected Marriage Proposal

fridge magnets proposal


If you are already living together why not propose in the most unexpected way possible. Get letter fridge magnets and spell out the proposal question, or write with a lipstick on a bathroom mirror. Your honey will be surprised .

5. Path To The Engagement Ring

path of roses


Create a path of petals outside heading from the house to the garden, or do it inside your home towards your bedroom. Bend down on your knees as your beloved one walks in the room. You can do this with candles but be careful not to burn your home.

6. Box Of Chocolates Proposal

chocolate box with ring


May your love be sweet as chocolates! Propose your sweetheart by placing the ring in a box of chocolates, be careful when unwrapping the chocolate box you don’t want to be obvious. Your partner will not be surprised by the box of chocolates but what he/she will find inside.

7. Movie Theater Proposal

engagement theatre


Most theaters have advertisement before the movie, the good new is that they can be purchased. If you have a deeper budget for your proposal, rent an advertisement and before the beginning of the movie the slide will show up on the big screen with big letters for your proposal.

8. Airport Proposal

airport proposal


Airports are places where wonderful reunions happen. If your sweetheart travels a lot, arrange you friends or family to gather that day and let them hold the “will you marry me” letters as soon as your partner walks towards you. The excitement will be unmeasurable.

9. Intimate Beach Proposal

beach proposal


If you are on vacation and are ready to propose, the beach is the perfect place. Choose the right timing, preferably sunset or the night. Light some candles, get some wine and the ring box. Blindfold your beloved eyes propose on the beach.

10. Plane Banner

plane banner proposal


plane banner when the weather is good is a very special idea, and few have the budget to do it. If you want to propose this way call the nearest  small aircraft company and they will arrange the proposal. Your partner will be surprised.

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