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Recently on my trip through Europe I was advised to check out this street when I stopped in Paris. Easily the most colorful street in the entire city, Rue Crémieux is a residential street full of pastel colored homes.
I was only in Paris for one day as part of an 8-day rail trip through Europe. I spent about an hour here and had plenty of time to see other places in the city.

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A vibrant purplish house lush with plants

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Teal and burnt orange colors

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Blue on blue on white + a cat

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Flowers and houses

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A pink home with blue and white accents

This street is an Instagram and door photographers dream. With hashtags like #ihavethisthingwithdoors and #doorsofinstagram – you will be sure to get noticed with the vibrant colors.

  • About a 7 minute walk from Bastille Metro stop
  • Keep an eye out for the street, it is mostly businesses surrounding the area
  • Bring all your camera equipment – you will take endless photos
  • Keep social media updated abroad by getting a Skyroam
  • People do live in these homes, respect their privacy and if they ask you not to photograph their home, don’t.

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