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Recently I was exploring Toronto and had the pleasure of dining at the Fairmont Royal York during one of the nights I was in town. I am a big fan of the Fairmont brand and the consistency of high quality the hotels offer around the world.

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Hotel Lobby

The Fairmont Royal York has several dining options, but I dined at EPIC. You can easily access this restaurant inside the lobby and close to the concierge inside the hotel.
I should warn you, dining here is like eating a work of art. Both chefs Robert Mills and Graeme Little did a fantastic job in quality, presentation and spectacular flavoring of the food.  Chef Little is sensational in his pairings and the robust flavors he presents. Our server was probably the best server I have ever had anywhere in the world. He was full of charm and humor and had been with the company for several decades.
What I ate (I did have a guest with me so we did share):

  • Soup Special – Hungarian Goulash
  • New Farm Beets
  • Alberta Lamb Shank
  • Epic Chocolate Cake
  • The “EPIC” Signature BRÛLÉE TRIO

While we were browsing the menus for what we would order, our server brought out a plate of fresh hot bread with the chefs ratatouille and whipped butter. This pairing was scrumptious and I knew we were in for a night of amazing food.

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For appetizers I ordered the soup of the day, which was a Hungarian goulash and my friend ordered the New Farm Beets, which was a salad with a mixture of flavors like gouda, hazelnut, beets, and honey – both items were insanely delicious. As a professed foodie, I was skeptical of the New Farm Beets as the ingredients sounded like they would clash – but alas, I was wrong.

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New Farm Beets

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Goulash Soup

For dinner, the lamb. I must admit, I have never been a fan of lamb – but I had not ordered it in a very long time and wanted to give it another go. I am SO glad I did. The lamb was fall off the bone perfection. The meat retained all its juices and it was paired nicely with a polenta. I think my reservations about ordering lamb were that I had never had lamb I liked, but now, I have left the Fairmont a fan.

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Dessert – the most important part of the meal. Or at least I think so. We ordered two desserts to try: the EPIC Chocolate Cake and the Brulee Trio. Both dishes were very decadent and I did favor the chocolate but I am a big fan of chocolate so it will almost always win over anything else. Also – the EPIC Chocolate was just that, EPIC. The dish was almost too pretty to eat.

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EPIC Chocolate Cake

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Brulee Trio

We did speak with the wine sommelier throughout our meal. I did not drink that evening but I did taste the pairings he suggested with the dishes and I thought they paired nicely. Make sure and see him when you dine in for the best recommendations to go with your food.
Overall: A wonderful dining experience and top notch, which is consistent with all the other Fairmont properties I have been to. I am exceptionally happy with the service and my choice to try dishes I historically did not like. I always tell people that our taste buds do change, so give things another chance.
Additional Information:

  • Address: 100 Front Street W Toronto Ontario, Canada M5J 1E3
  • Phone: TEL + 1 416 368 2511
  • Attire: Smart Casual
  • Reservations accepted
  • Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch
  • Valet parking available

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