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Just recently I got back from New Orleans where I spent Christmas with my family. We ate lots of amazing food that the city has to offer, walked the streets endlessly and just had an overall amazing experience in this colorful city that call the Crescent City.
I really narrowed down the amount of photos I am sharing and NOLA is a very easy place to take a million photos – there is such a great use of color everywhere, street performers, food, and just amazing things going on everywhere.
I hope these photos inspire you to visit!
*Some of these are holiday themed and will only look this way during the Christmas season*

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Sunset over Jackson Square

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Colorful homes

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Beignets at Cafe du Monde

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Mardi Gras Beads

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Mardi Gras Vibes

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Best Breakfast – Ritz Carlton Club Lounge

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Best Christmas Decor – Roosevelt Hotel

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Street Art

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Colorful homes

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Fried okra – Willie Mae’s

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Walking Bourbon Street

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Street Performs in Jackson Square

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Lafayette Cemetery

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Garden District Home

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Colorful homes

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Carousel Bar

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Bourbon Street area

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Frenchman Street

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Street Art

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Royal Sonesta

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Colorful Streets

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Colorful Streets

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Courtyard – RItz Carlton

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Colorful homes

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Street Performers

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Darling Home

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Ritz Carlton Reception area

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